"Our grandparents, our parents, our children...
... we all turn to nature's herbal remedies to keep us healthy."

Our parents and grandparents used centuries old natural remedies to heal or bring relief to all life related problems: infertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, children problems, men problems and everyday common ailments.

It's our duty not to loose this hard found knowledge. Use these remedies and pass this priceless healing medicine box to your children as well.

I remember the first time I bumped into herbal remedies...

It happened in the country at my grandparents when I was 10 years old. I cut my foot with a shovel (fortunately not a sharp one) when I was making a dam to catch fish.

When I got home, my grandmother broke a twig of Celandine from the garden and put a few drops of juice on my wound. The wound began to close in a couple of hours and, after a week, I couldn't even see where it was.

I was so amazed by the power of Celandine, I was hooked for life with herbal remedies. This website is the result of my love for the power of healing herbs.

Take care,

Be your own medicine man, woman or kid

herbal remedies,Roxana,elder flowers
Roxana (my daughter) with Elder flowers

What do you do when your baby has an ear ache or a tummy ache?

Share your remedy with other parents!

It's as easy as gathering whatever fresh herbs you can yourselves. Dry them and make your own medicine herbal box.

This is a great way to spend time with your children, teach them how to be their own healers and pass on the knowledge. I do this with my 3 year old (at the time of the picture).

Another thing of great importance in natural remedies is to use organic herbs harvested from non-polluted areas. This way, the herbal remedies will produce maximum effects. Find these herbs at a nearby local farmers market or a trusted herbal store.

Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Herbal remedies have an impressive track record for thousand of years. They have proven to be a safer alternative to restoring our health than modern day drugs time and time again.

What would you rather do? Eat garlic or take a flu shot so that you won't catch flu this year? Do you think vaccine is a safer or better option than home remedy for flu?

Have you asked your gynecologist about the effectiveness of Lady's mantle for heavy menstrual bleeding?

Having this natural folk knowledge doesn't mean we shouldn't resort to modern medicine. Instead, use the best of both worlds. It is always better to have options.

In fact, many drugs have been synthesized from herb components. However, in the making process of these drugs, only one active component is used (the main component that is believed to have the active effect), rather than the whole plant, which may reduce the synesthesic healing properties of herbal remedies.

Pass on the herbal remedies wizdom

We often find ourselves yearning for a healthier life for us and for our children. Self Healing Herbs is all about sharing our love for nature's healing power.

Although we know that herbal remedies, organic foods, a non-polluted environment, less stress and of course love are the way to a healthier life,we forget it.

Don't let our grandparents' and parents' knowledge of natural remedies be forgotten!

Ask for help or Share your natural remedies!

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Imagine a home remedy for flu that is like play for your child...

This is my daughter’s favorite home remedy for flu ~ Paula

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