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Something to saywhen you have nothing to say. ~ Marry Poppins

This spring was unusual longand cold this year. Hmm, that almost sounded like the "Winter is coming"quote from the Game ofThrones :)
Now it's the opposite. Not only did thechilly weather passed, but some days it gets over 30ºC/86ºF.

Speakingof summer, I always work better when I sip a cold natural yummy fuzzydrink made entirely with my own hands in less than 1 minute. Don't youfeel the same way?  


This summer's 100%organic refreshment is my favorite ElderflowerCordial and one more magicingredient tomake it even more delicious. I know it because I am drinking my thirdcup today right now :)

Here is the recipe:
* 1cup Elderflower cordial,
* 3-4 ice cubes,
* Lemon juice and...
* The magic ingredient: 1crushed slice of ginger root

Ican feel the energyright now. Perhaps it's just the sugar :)  If you are alreadysold on the benefitsof ginger root,you will certainly love thesedelicious ginger tea recipes.

Featured HerbalStory

It's quite easy to make your own natural plantaincough syrup recipe. ~ Anca.


* Can your child stand the smell of one of themost powerful home remedies for nasal congestion?

* Sometimes we see only the external symptoms of theimbalances in our body. Don't treat only the symptoms, but take insteada holistic and natural aproach of your health. Three newarticles in the skin disorders section explain how to do just that:

- Take charge of your own health and use holisticnatural eczema remedies
- Topten boil home remedies
- Remove warts naturally with these wartremoval home remedies.

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Written by Marius & Paula

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