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What is the secret to a sweet and healthycalorie-free tea?

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Ifit's good for your farm animals, then it's good for you. ~ancient Chinese proverb

It'sbeen a long time since the last newsletter. In March wemoved to a new home and we got busy with repairs. Apparentlythere are a lot of small improvements to do in the house everyday. My father gave me one of his older drill machines as apresent :)

We now live at 20 minutes walk distancefrom the sea side. That's a plus, although we went to the sea only acouple of times due to unusual cold weather.  I am glad tough,because I have discovered a lot of Celandinearound the house. It has blossomed now and it makes my day every time Igo for a walk

What isthe secret to a sweet and healthy calorie-free tea

Ifound it both on a tv-show (with cinnamon), and also by accident(chamomile and licorice).

Putliquorice, cinnamon and chamomile inthe hot water. I use cinnamon in the form of a roll to not putto much by mistake. These ingredients are both for sweetening and forhealth. Cinnamon is for diabetes, liquorice soothes thestomach and chamomile is a disinfectant.

Adddried fruit like Blackthorn/Sloe (Primus Spinosa) or Dog rose(Rosa canina) for a sour flavor and peppermintor cumin for digestion.

If you want moresubtle flavors add dried fruit like black currant,raspberry or woodland strawberry. Don't forget the healingherbs and, in the end, a slice of lemon.

Thereyou have it - a flavorful, savory and healthy for our body without theneed for sugar, honey or other sugar concentrates.

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